Hamburg Film Festival 2022

Premiere of Rheingold

On October 2, we joined the Hamburg Film Festival, where we first attended the premiere of Rheingold. A controversial film about the life of rapper Xatar, directed by award-winning director Fatih Akin. It was great to meet the crew and join the party.
Our special thanks to Warner Bros for the invitation and great organization.

Rheingold is a helter-skelter mix of coming of age drama, heist thriller, chaste romance and origins story for a star rapper. Akin comes up with some striking moments, not least when hoodlums silently gather around a crime boss like the feathered foes in Hitchcock’s The Birds. There are comic elements too as a heist is thwarted by a traffic jam or when Hajabi has to resort to rapping beneath a prison blanket as he covertly records his first album.

Snow and the Bear

We were also present as crew of the film Snow and the Bear. Directed by Selcen Ergün with a lead role for award-winning actress Merve Dizdar. As D’art Duvar we have designed the poster of this film.

D’art Duvar is very proud of Selcen Ergun’s participating film, which has won the Best Actress Award and Best First Film Award at the Golden Orange (Altın Portakal) Film Festival in Antalya.