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Upcoming exhibitions and events

event description date link
TRT 2 – Hayat Sanat Röportaj 18.07.2020  see more
IG-Mole Museum Virtual exhibition 22.08.2020  see more
ArtITÜ – Istanbul Technical University Online conversation 10.09.2020  see more
Yildiz Technical University Sponsoring Event 25.12.2020  see more
Fil’m Hafızası x D’art Duvar Turkish Cinema 101 28.12.2020 – ongoing  see more Live stream interview 30.12.2020  see more
InDeBuurt Arnhem Interview 22.01.2021  see more
Beyoğlu Sineması x D’art Duvar Exhibition upcoming
D’art Duvar x TheMoment Give away! 22.02.2021  see more
InHolland University Masterclass about the impact of graphic design 05.03.2021 see more
Yıldız Teknik University Digital Z event sponsorship 30.03.2021 see more
Askıda Ne Var Give away! 06.04.2021 see more
Istanbul University GarajX event sponsorship 05.05.2021 see more
Türkische Filmtage Dortmund/ Film Festival guest speaker 03.11.2021 see more
OKAN University Istanbul Turkish Cinema Revival Project – exhibition 06.12.2021 see more
Tufan Şimşekcan A conversation about movie poster design 24.12.2021 see more
Istanbul Film Festival 2022 Attending Istanbul Film Festival 17.04.2022 see more
Hamburg Film Festival 2022 Attending Hamburg Film Festival 01.10.2022 see more