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Upcoming exhibitions and events

event description date link
Movies That Matter Den Haag 25.03.2024 see more
Fund Raiser De School Amsterdam 19.02.2023 see more
Graphich Design Exhibition Exhibition in Istanbul organised by GMK 09.12.2022 see more
The 48 Hour Film Project Eindhoven Attending the Award Ceremony 03.12.2022 see more
Türkische Filmtage Dortmund Attending the Turkish Filmdays 02.11.2022 see more
Hamburg Film Festival 2022 Attending Hamburg Film Festival 01.10.2022 see more
Istanbul Film Festival 2022 Attending Istanbul Film Festival 17.04.2022 see more
OKAN University Istanbul Turkish Cinema Revival Project – exhibition 06.12.2021 see more
Tufan Şimşekcan A conversation about movie poster design 24.12.2021 see more
Türkische Filmtage Dortmund/ Film Festival guest speaker 03.11.2021 see more
Istanbul University GarajX event sponsorship 05.05.2021 see more
Askıda Ne Var Give away! 06.04.2021 see more
Yıldız Teknik University Digital Z event sponsorship 30.03.2021 see more
InHolland University Masterclass about the impact of graphic design 05.03.2021 see more
D’art Duvar x TheMoment Give away! 22.02.2021  see more
Beyoğlu Sineması x D’art Duvar Exhibition upcoming
InDeBuurt Arnhem Interview 22.01.2021  see more Live stream interview 30.12.2020  see more
Fil’m Hafızası x D’art Duvar Turkish Cinema 101 28.12.2020  see more
Yildiz Technical University Sponsoring Event 25.12.2020  see more
ArtITÜ – Istanbul Technical University Online conversation 10.09.2020  see more
IG-Mole Museum Virtual exhibition 22.08.2020  see more
TRT 2 – Hayat Sanat Röportaj 18.07.2020  see more