Navigating Love in a Criminal World with “Together, Alone”

Together, Alone: A Powerful and Award-Winning Short Film by Kasım Ördek

In the world of cinema, every once in a while, a film comes along that touches the heart and soul of audiences, leaving a lasting impression after the credits have rolled. Such is the case with the critically acclaimed short film, “Together, Alone” directed by Kasım Ördek from Istanbul. The film released in 2022, has won several awards, and keeps winning awards in recognized international film festivals. As D’art Duvar, we had the pleasure to support the film with our graphics, designing the film poster and the overall branding of the film.

“Together, Alone” captures a moment of sadness, anger, and fear that will resonate with everyone who has experienced the devastating impact of trusting someone you loved. The film tells the story of Sevgi and Doğan, a young couple, steal cars in the poorer districts of Istanbul and sell them to the junkyard to be pressed. One day, however, an unsettling event shakes them to the core, pushing them to face some truths about their relationship and the harsh realities of life.

Ördek masterfully portrays Sevgi and Doğan’s emotional journey, played by Ecem Uzun and Mert Doğan. Through the beautiful cinematography by Barış Aygen, the film evokes a sense of longing and despair, yet also of beauty and hope. The music, composed by Batuhan Yalaz, enhances and reinforces the film’s mood and message, bringing a sense of ethereal introspection and harmony.

Together, Alone’s success cannot be understated. The film has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the Best Film Award at Akbank Film Festival Istanbul, Best Acting Award, Best Cinematography at Kaş Short Film Festival, Best Film Award at Dostluk Film Festival, and Best Film Award at 12th Crime and Punishment Film Festival. The film’s critical acclaim is a testament to the masterful storytelling, direction, and cinematography showcased throughout the film.

Director Ördek is beaming with delight as his film basks in the glow of its resounding success. The heartfelt reactions from audiences, deeply moved by the film’s enchanting narrative, have left him overjoyed. The power of his story to forge an emotional connection with viewers is an accomplishment that fills him with immense satisfaction.

Equally elated is Ördek’s collaboration with the extraordinary team at D’art Duvar. From the very beginning, their partnership has been a match made in cinematic heaven. D’art Duvar, with their boundless creativity and unparalleled adaptability, effortlessly grasps the intricate language of cinema. Their expertise lies in transmuting abstract ideas and profound sentiments into captivating visuals, and Ördek couldn’t be more grateful for their invaluable contributions. The future holds limitless potential for their continued collaboration, promising a treasure trove of unforgettable cinematic endeavors yet to come.