Türker İnanoğlu welcomes D’art Duvar

Türker İnanoğlu welcomes D'art Duvar at Erler Film Studios

Türker İnanoğlu is the founder of Erler Film Studios, one of Turkey’s largest film production companies. He is a legendary producer and filmmaker who has given us some wonderful films. In September 2022, we had the opportunity to meet him in person in Istanbul. That was a great honourable moment for us, which we will never forget.

After a warm welcome we arrived at the office of Türker İnanoğlu, who is currently struggling with health problems. Despite that, he still made time for us to have a nice conversation. İnanoğlu expressed his compliments for our Turkish Cinema Revival Project and gave us his support in further developing the project. He likes to see young talents appreciate the value of cinema and always tries to support them.

Later in the conversation he told us the story about how he is ended up in the film world by accident. He also mentioned two films that were a turning point in his career. The film Funda (1958), which was the reason for him to enter the film world. And he mentioned his own production Hancı (1961), which brought him great success.

After this impressive conversation we were given a tour in his Museum of Cinema. A museum full of amazing collections of art and historical objects out of İnanoğlu’s career. As D’art Duvar we would like to thank İnanoğlu for his warm welcome and support. We will try to keep his heritage alive and hope to introduce his work to new generations.

Another special thanks to Serpil Akıllıoğlu, a member of Erler Film Studios, for his kind and warm welcome.