From Design to Venice

Celebrating the Success of 'Yurt' at the International Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce the tremendous success of the film ‘Yurt’ directed by Nehir Tuna, at the prestigious 80th Venice International Film Festival. Last week, the film had its international premiere at the festival, and we couldn’t be prouder to have been a part of this extraordinary journey. As D’art Duvar, we had the privilege of designing the poster and graphics for the film.

‘Yurt’ tells the story of a young boy torn between two worlds. Forced to attend a religious school, he grapples with his other life in a secular environment. This coming-of-age tale set in 1990s Turkey beautifully explores themes of family, religion, trauma, and adolescence. The film has garnered accolades for its artistic touch and captivating cinematography, showcasing the immense talent of the director and his team.

“Designing the poster for ‘Yurt’ was a passion project for me”, says designer Gökhan Yeter. “I aimed to create a visually compelling and premium design that would capture the essence of the film. The collaboration with director Nehir Tuna throughout the development process was truly inspiring. Together, we crafted a poster that encapsulates the essence of the story, sparking curiosity and anticipation among the audience”.

The success of ‘Yurt’ goes beyond the film itself. The seamless coordination and effective communication from the PR company, Zu, based in Istanbul, have been integral to the film’s recognition. Their efforts have ensured consistent promotion and marketing, particularly on social media platforms. This comprehensive approach has elevated the visibility of the film, generating a buzz about its potential international impact.

This is not the first time a poster I designed has made an appearance at the Venice Film Festival. Last year, the film ‘Rutubet,’ directed by Turan Haste, also featured my artwork. The experience was a testament to the quality and creativity of my designs, solidifying my reputation within the industry.

As the ‘Yurt’ team embarks on this exciting journey, we extend our heartfelt well-wishes for their continued success. The Venice Film Festival is a significant milestone, affirming the film’s artistic merit and potential to captivate audiences worldwide. We are proud to have played a part in this extraordinary achievement.

To conclude, we congratulate director Nehir Tuna, the entire ‘Yurt’ team, and everyone involved in bringing this remarkable film to life. May ‘Yurt’ soar to greater heights and leave an indelible mark in the international film industry!