Turkish Cinema Revival Project

Please lets translate from Turkish to English once!

Turkish cinema has left its audience an important cultural heritage. Especially the Yeşilçam movies have been engraved on the childhood memories of many Turkish people. These saddened them when necessary, made them laugh, made them cry and by times these movies became the mirror of their society. But have people given enough value to these valuable cinematographic works? We have decided to revive the posters of these movies. Those brand-new posters are designed in an ‘arthouse’ atmosphere with the hope to be discovered by the new generation…

About the Turkish Cinema Revival Project

‘Soooo where are you ACTUALLY from?’ ‘What is your REAL culture?’ ‘What’s your TRUE nationality?’
As someone living between several cultures, I was required to choose one over the others when answering these seemingly straightforward, simple questions which essentially form the basis of human identity.

Turkish Cinema helped me to find my way in a life where everything used to be a constant cultural juggling act between culture of the native and the non-native country. It helped to see being bi-cultural as a blessing, enabling me to appreciate it and constantly see society from different sides as a valuable mannerism. Cinema in this sense is the greatest mirror of humanity’s struggle.

A very important part of our process is to get approvals in order to proceed our project.  Special thanks to all who appreciated and supported our work:
Fatih Akın, Türkan Şoray, Fikret Kuşkan, Muhteşem Film, İrfan Tözüm, Kafa Dergisi, Cemal Şan, Mustafa Altıoklar, Barış Pirhasan,  Kentel Film GMBH, Zekeriya Kurtuluş, Fam. Baytan, Fam. Çekmez, Utku Ögetürk, TRT Radyo Tevelizyon, Hürriyet, Milliyet, TRT Ankara Radyosu…

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Derman / Cure (1983)

Problematic life of a newly graduated midwife in a remote village, where winters are really harsh.

Directors: Şerif Gören, Zeki Ökten
Writers: Osman Şahin, Ahmet Soner
Stars: Hülya Koçyiğit, Tarık Akan, Talat Bulut

Kapıcılar Kralı / King of the Doormen (1976)

A janitor/doorman and his family who came to “big city” Istanbul, with the hope to live a better life. With the different characters living in the building, the story evolves around the doorman and his tricky ways to skip work but make some extra cash on the side

Director: Zeki Ökten
Writer: Umur Bugay
Stars: Kemal Sunal, Sevda Ferdağ, Sevil Üstekin, Bilge Zobu


Duvar / The Wall (1983)

Teens in a Turkish prison struggle to survive under hideous conditions.

Director: Yılmaz Güney
Writer: Yılmaz Güney
Stars: Tuncel Kurtiz, Ayşe Emel Mesci Kuray, Malik Berrichi, Nicolas Hossein

Sarı Mercedes / The Yellow Mercedes (1993)

The film is based on ‘Fikrimin İnce Gülü’, a novel by Adalet Ağaoğlu, which depicts a first generation gurbetci/guest-worker returning home.

Director: Tunç Okan
Writers: Adalet Ağaoğlu, Tunç Okan
Stars: İlyas Salman, Valérie Lemoine, Micky Sébastian

Züğürt Ağa / The Broken Landlord (1985)

The landlord of a village in eastern Turkey decides to sell his land after a severe drought and migrates to Istanbul with his family. However the struggle for survival in the ‘big city’ will not be easier for them…

Director: Nesli Çölgeçen
Writer: Yavuz Turgul
Stars: Şener Şen, Füsun Demirel, Erdal Özyağcılar, Can Kolukisa

Arkadaş / Friend (1974)

After betraying his social class, denying his peasant roots and fleeing his native village, Ahmed has become a successful businessman and has found a place in the sun among the bourgeoisie. Azem, his childhood friend, has followed a quite different way.

Director: Yılmaz Güney
Writer: Yılmaz Güney
Stars: Yılmaz Güney, Civan Canova, Melike Demirağ, Kerim Afsar

Canım Kardeşim / My Dear Brother (1973)

Two poor men try to find a television as a last wish for the terminally ill brother of one of them.

Director: Ertem Eğilmez
Writer: Sadık Şendil
Stars: Tarık Akan, Halit Akçatepe, Kahraman Kıral


Adı Vasfiye / Vasfiye Is Her Name (1985)

Vasfiye, her story, tellers of the story, and their listeners change every time the story is told.

Director: Atıf Yılmaz
Writers: Necati Cumali, Barış Pirhasan
Stars: Müjde Ar, Aytaç Arman, Macit Koper, Yılmaz Zafer, Levend Yılmaz