meet the artist

Gökhan Yeter is an art director, multi-disciplinary creative artist, graphic designer, creator of posters and illustrations, art and cinema enthusiast

living and working in the Netherlands. He has been fascinated with graphic design since his early teens. His love for art, culture and design have led him to develop an international reputation and contribute to numerous creative projects including branding, posters, logos, illustration, packaging, advertising and many more. Each of his project is unique, thoroughly thought and well executed. Whether it concerns professional or personal projects, Gökhan likes to constantly challenge himself by experimenting and exploring new processes and tools in order to ensure that artworks surpass his clients’ expectations. Hence, he frequently tries to combine traditional tools (pencils, markers etc.) with the latest technology, often enabling him to create custom typography. His design style is mainly minimalist, trying to use the most essential elements to create something that is simple yet extraordinary.

Gökhan Yeter

D’art Duvar came into existence when Gokhan Yeter believed that there should be more places in the world where imagination and creativity can get the chance to expose. Since its establishment in 2019, D’art Duvar has been corporating with numerous ad agencies, design firms, art departments, startups, and (small) businesses. Its work is promoted through exhibitions, projects, presentations and printed material.

As a passionate (and slightly obsessive) experienced designer who loves being creative, Gökhan Yeter is also a cinema lover. To him, of all arts, cinema is the most important. This led him to start the “Turkish Cinema Revival Project”.

With this particular project Gökhan has decided to revive the posters of Yeşilçam movies. Those brand-new posters are designed in an ‘arthouse’ atmosphere with the hope to be discovered by the new generation. So far, the project has acquired an international reputation for uniqueness and gained a large group of dedicated fans worldwide. Some of the designs are planned to be exhibited throughout Europe.