Blue Voyage

A film written and directed by Rafael Çetin

Fashion statement

The world of fashion is continually reinventing itself. KOTON, Turkey’s leading fashion brand and Ece Sükan, who draws attention with her strong and modern style, are launching the most assertive collection of this year’s spring/summer- season!

We talk with Gökhan Yeter, founder and creative director of D’art Duvar on his work.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is your vision for KOTON?

I was brought in by Rafael Cetin to give this collection a classical touch, but still make it relevant for the 21st century. KOTON is the leading player in Turkey’s fashion and retail-world and known for its customer-centric approach. It continuously focuses on bringing together seasonal trends with unique designs. My goal was to design a poster where both “the power of urban woman” and “metropolitan chique” would stand central.

How do you think Ece Sükan contributed to the success of this campaign?

I think Rafael and the KOTON branding team made the right choice of choosing  Ece as the brand ambassador for this collection.  As a Turkish stylist, creative director and fashion editor, I think she’s extremely talented. With her natural elegance and taste for fashion, I am confident that this collection is going to be a great success. Nice to be part of this journey.

What does it mean to you to work for such fashion projects as a designer?

It honestly means a lot. I have always been interested in fashion. In a way, graphic design and the fashion industry are closely aligned. Also when looking at my past projects, I have been working for many well-known global brands. What appeals to me the most is that the fashion industry is such a highly competitive industry, which makes it crucial for fashion brands to find a way to stand out from the crowd in order to thrive and survive. Graphic design plays a significant role in this, and by knowing that my job [of implementing business ideas into creative strategies] is such crucial, motivates me even more.

What is your advice in implementing business ideas into strategies successfully?

During the entire process it’s important to work closely with each other. The design in the end should align the branding team’s thinking, plans and goals. By doing this, it is of course crucial of staying up to date and knowing what is hot at the moment. At the same time, you should keep the customer central in every step and decision you make (as the chance that sales will be boosted is much higher). Lastly, I think it’s good to keep in mind that fashion is undoubtedly a form of art. It’s about aesthetic, how things look… it’s design.